WEPA for suppliers

High-quality standards both during production and in the procurement of the necessary materials and services are the basis for the manufacture of our hygiene paper.

For us, quality does not simply begin with incoming goods, but plays a major role throughout the entire supply chain.

To ensure that our quality products meet all requirements, we also rely on long-term supplier partnerships. Therefore, we also consider the WEPA values of respect, commitment and sustainability when selecting our business partners.


General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

General Purchasing information


Contains our supplier standards for flexible packaging, cardboard and folding boxes.

Packaging: how to become WEPA supplier (PDF)

Raw materials

Contains our supplier standards for pulp, recycled paper and chemicals.

Pulp: how to become a WEPA supplier (PDF)
Recycled paper: how to become a WEPA supplier (PDF)
DIN EN 643 European list of standard recycled paper grades (PDF)
Chemicals: how to become a WEPA supplier (PDF)

Logistics & maintenance

You want our hygiene paper products to be delivered to our customers safely? Here you will find the relevant requirements.

Freight/ transportation: annexes to the Transport Agreement (PDF)
Freight/ transportation: guide optimization opportunities in the transport sector (PDF)
Logistics / warehousing : annexes to the Logistics Contract (PDF)
Maintenance: how to become a WEPA supplier (PDF)
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