05.05.2020 - Company

Covid-19: a manufacturer’s brief tale

It goes without saying that COVID-19 is one of the most challenging crises ever to face the manufacturing sector.

The coronavirus has completely changed the way the global supply chain operates, resulting in manufacturing businesses altering the way they work, perhaps for good.

At WEPA UK, we have done all we can to tackle COVID-19 head on and remain fully operational throughout this unprecedented situation.

As one of the UK’s leading provider of household paper supplies, our teams have been working flat out to address the well-documented toilet roll shortages and keep stock high.

Production employees at our Bridgend paper-making facility have been working 24/7 to help meet demand.

To keep all of our on-site staff safe, we have bolstered our already stringent health and safety practices by amending protocols.

As a result, we are providing PPE and imposing strict social distancing guidelines for those on shift. We have also extended these protocols and implemented social distancing in all our office locations.

In terms of supply, we remain in constant contact with our customers, while collaborating with all of our suppliers to ensure we can access the necessary raw materials and packaging.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome has been ensuring the seamless transportation of our products during this global pandemic – moving from our warehouses to distribution centres, stores and finally onto the shelf.

It’s taken foresight, innovative thinking and strong collaboration from our teams to remove the hurdles posed by COVID-19, but we’ve got there.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our employees, customers and suppliers for helping us get through this together. Stay safe and well.

Mike Docker and Tony Curtis, joint managing directors of WEPA UK.

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