03.08.2021 - Press WEPA Stiftung

WEPA employees clean environment of litter and rubbish

Clean-up campaign at WEPA

Around 300 WEPA employees took part  in  a cross-location clean-up campaign over the past few days – a joint initiative of WEPA Group and WEPA foundation on the occasion of the World Nature Conservation Day on 28 July. At a total of 13European locations of the WEPA Group, employees came together and contributed to more nature conservation by cleaning the forests and riverbanks in the vicinity of the WEPA plants in particular from litter and rubbish. Locations involved were the German sites in Düsseldorf, Giershagen, Leuna, Mainz and Müschede, the Polish site in Piechowice, the French sites inChâteau-Thierry, Troyesand Lille, the UK sites in Bolton and Bridgend, the Italian site in Cassino and the Dutch site in Swalmen. At the German site in Kriebstein, the campaign will take place in September.

“Sustainability not only plays a major role for the WEPA Group as a company –the employees’ dedication demonstrates that they also take the topic very seriously on a personal level. We are enthusiastic about the commitment of our many colleagues across Europe and we are pleased that we were able to provide a framework for said commitment,” stated Sarah Dohmen, Sustainability Manager at WEPA. “Through this clean-up campaign, we intend to raise awareness for the importance of disposing of waste properly and keeping our environment clean. We would love to organise further clean-up campaigns in the future.”