WEPA toilet paper
Soft to touch and tangibly more comfortable

We are known for great ideas, diverse solutions and quality – WEPA toilet paper ensures pleasant hygiene in everyday life and more sustainability in the bathroom. At WEPA, we lead with our know-how and innovation, tapping into consumers’ desires and emerging trends.

WEPA UK’s manufacturing capabilities can supply a broad range of converting and paper options. We produce flat sheet and embossed products in various roll sizes and sheet counts, with a manufacturing capability that extends from good quality entry-level options through to premium quilted and lotioned ranges.

WEPA Group’s toilet paper products ensure softness and comfort in personal hygiene. Whether made of chlorine-free bleached cellulose or 100% recycled, scented or unscented, coloured or decorated with embossing – our range of toilet paper products is designed to meet a host of different needs.


Our toilet tissue comes in a variety of materials to suit your preferences:

  • Pure pulp paper
  • Recycled paper
  • Hybrid (combination of pure pulp and recycled fibres)
  • Special edition paper

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