15.11.2021 - Career

Behind the tissue: Kathrin Kraft, master data expert

Recently I have donated 39 centimetres of my hair to children with cancer, for the second time now. Before, I let my hair grow for three years. Then shortly before the appointment, I became a bit nervous or even doubtful if that was the right decision at all, but thinking that I was doing something good and could actually support someone, it filled me with pride to have this opportunity.

In 1997, at the age of 16, I started my training at WEPA. Now I am 40, married and we have three children. That is indeed a long time, during which I was allowed to develop in many directions at WEPA.

My greatest passion is yoga – it’s a journey which never ends and which always allows me to discover myself anew. As with WEPA, it started with a training course. I have now completed 600 training hours and look back on six years of teaching experience. Currently I am in a yoga therapy training to be able to respond even more specifically and personally to the individual participants and their bodies.

I love the feeling when I teach a class and realise how different participants in the room all have the same goal. And suddenly they don’t practise on their own anymore, but as a team – together.

One of the greatest gifts of yoga is that I can easily balance myself and all the roles that make up me (mother, colleague, wife, yoga teacher, friend). I am grateful that I can take my passion for yoga to work during the health weeks at WEPA. As a yoga teacher, I do hope that I can inspire my colleagues to do the same.

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